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Welcome to! This is the first Plasma TV "Collection of Plasma Television Repair Tips" Vol.1 ebook. It also call as PV1 (Plasma Vol-1). The guide is easy to use and straight to the point to let you learn and solve your Plasma TV problems. As usual, the Collection of Plasma TV Repair Tips Vol.1 guide included Plasma TV repair tips. NOT only that, it also cover 7 main sections on Plasma TV. They are:

 1) Power Supply Board (some call it as SMPS Board or P Board)

 2) Main board (in Panasonic Plasma Module, it is call it as A Board)

 3) Y-SUS Board (Y Main [Samsung] or SC Board [Panasonic])

 4) Y-Drive Board/s Top & Bottom (SU & SD Boards)

 5) Z-SUS Board (in LG Plasma Module. For Samsung Module it is call X Main or SS Board for Panasonic Plasma Module)

 6) CTRL Board (for LG) [Control Board or Logic Board]

 7) X Buffers Board (Address Board) [Included their TCP or COF ICs]


Actually the Plasma TV is hard to repair and lots of the TV repairer will not accept to repair this type of TV or just can doing some basic testing on their discreet components only. The reasons for Plasma TV hard to repair are because:

1) Most of the service manuals are not included their Plasma Module/Panel information in it. Normally just have their Main Board information only, included the schematic diagram. Inside the PV1 ebook will let you know which brands of Plasma TV their service manual has Plasma Module information in it, included their schematic diagram. I think lots of the TV repairer will confuse what's the "Plasma Module" is? Yes it is included inside this ebook.

2) Another confuse things is the PCBs name in the Plasma TV. Different brands Plasma TV Module manufacturer will have their own name and sometime, the PCB name is same but that's the different thing or PCB board! So we must know their manufacturer Plasma Module PCBs name and function too.

3) We also need to know how the Plasma TV works and their structures before we starting to troubleshoot it. That’s the important thing we need to know, if not, you will don’t know where to start to troubleshoot or repair it. Because most of the TV repairer just can troubleshoot & repair their PSU board only. But inside the Plasma TV power supply, it is included a Sub Micon IC (sub Microcontroller IC), it is working as a “Power Management” control IC.  

4) The important of Plasma TV power supply Self Test Method. To speed up the troubleshooting & repairing the Plasma TV, you must know how to isolate the Plasma TV problem. For example, Plasma TV cannot start-up. Only has the Red power LED light only. So we need to know how to do the PSU board Self Test method first. If the PSU Self Test result is the PSU board can start-up and output all the voltages, that’s mean the PSU board is ok and the problem was in Main board or other boards. And continue to using other method to isolate the problem till to find out which board or components causing the problem.  

5) The important of Plasma TV Panel/Module Self Test Method. This method is to use when the Plasma Tv is occur the abnormal display problem on the screen. So we can use this method to isolate the problem is in Main Board or their Module PCBs.  

6) We also need to know the meaning of the Plasma TV power LED light blinks. Especially the Panasonic Plasma TV. It is famous of their SOS Detect system or calls it as Power LED light Error Blinks Code. These error codes have their own meaning and the solution for repairer to check the Plasma Tv. So all these Power LED light Blinking Codes solution are inside this PV1 ebook.  


From your information, the Plasma TV repair can earn more profit than LCD & LED TV. But it is hard to repair the Plasma TV, unless you know how to troubleshooting & repairing it. So in this PV1 ebook, I had provided even greater repair information in it, especially the Bonus-B section has added more Plasma TV training information there.

Here is the example Contents inside this PV1 ebook: 

Components Name in Plasma TV

What is Plasma Module?

The Plasma Modules

Single & Dual Scan Plasma Module/Panel

Plasma Module PCBs Terminology/Name Chart

Plasma Module PCB Boards and Function Description

Plasma Module PCBs Location & Structure

LG Plasma TV

LG Plasma Module

Power Start-Up Sequence for LG Plasma TV

LG Plasma TV Power Supply (PSU) Self Test Method

How to Self Test LG Plasma TV PSU Board

Making the Light Bulbs Tool

Various LG Plasma TV Power Supplies

LG Old Models PDP PSU Board Self Test Method

LG Plasma Panel /Module Self Test Method

Various LG Plasma Panel Self Test Method

How to Testing Plasma TV PCB Board & Their Components

DC Voltage & Waveform Adjustment

VA & VS Adjustment

PSU Board Voltages & Diode Check

How to Check & Test Y-SUS Board

LG 50PJ350 Y-SUS Test Points Voltages

VSC & -Vy Adjustment

Y-Drive Signal Overview

Locking on to the Y-Drive Waveform Tip

Observing the Y-Drive signal for SetUp Adjustment

SetUp and Set Down Adjustment

Y-SUS Board Troubleshooting Vscan

Other Connectors Voltages & Diode Check Values in

Y-SUS Board

How to Check Y-SUS FETs

Y-SUS Board with IPM Module

How to Testing IPM Module

 And much more! Click here "Plasma TV Repair Tips" for more Contents details.


Sometimes, when I’m stuck in repair the Plasma TV, I always refer back to this PV1 ebooks to find some idea or tips to repair that Plasma TV. So it is a good sources for Plasma TV repair and it helps to me and you.  


Not only that, this PV1- Collection of Plasma TV Repair Tips ebook included 2 bonuses: Bonus-A and Bonus-B. The Bonus-A is included of  9 x LG Plasma TV Module valuable Interconnect Diagrams and this bonuses are hard to get it or not found anywhere else!


BONUS-A: (Inside the E-book)



plasma tv interconnect diagrams 


These Interconnect Diagrams provides the good testing voltages and waveform. It also has the TV on standby and loading/running voltages. So that you can compare with it and found which section, lines or components are defective or damage. And you can apply this experience to other brands of Plasma TV too!



BONUS-B:(External link to a Download Page)

A) Various Brands of Plasma TV PSU Board Schematic Diagram

B) LG Plasma TV & Module Training

C) Panasonic Plasma TV & Module Training

D) Samsung Plasma TV & Module Training

E) and surprise bonus there...


Let us go to learn the mystery of Plasma TV repair and then breakthrough your skills to the next level now!


  Here's a preview of some pages from the PV1- Plasma TV Repair Tips ebook!

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